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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cooking Class on 1 Dec. 2017!

A Taste of Korea!
Korean food is Unique, healthy, popular and presentable on the table! SPLC Instructor, Ms. Bona Lee, has been promoting Korean food in Perth and has always shared some of her tips to make the food authentic.
Meat lovers love Korean Bulgogi (beef) BBQ at Korean restaurants but Lee can show you how to make it at home easily so that you can enjoy this popular tasty dish that is one the top five Korean dishes! Vegetarians! Do we need to compromise the taste of Korean BBQ? Nope, Bona Lee will show you there is no limit to enjoy. Enjoy learning how to make a healthy vegetarian dish without comprising the taste.
Curious about the colourful noodles? Koreans call it, Japchae. This dish is a one of top dishes in Korean cuisine and your party table will look stunning! You will know why people love this dish once you taste.
Ms. Bona Lee (Korean cheif cert 1) and assitant Ms. Ebony BAE
11.30am-1.30pm       $60 (Vegetarian) / $65 (Meat-lover) for members / $70 (vegetarian) / $75 meat-eater for non-members
Friday, 1 Dec 2017

A glimpse of Korea by Mr. John Eaton

A short description to the History, Culture, Customs, Traditions, and Lifestyle of Korea, from the perspective of a person who lived and worked there for three years and at the time fell in love will all aspects of Korean culture and Lifestyle. The talk would consist of a personal account of his engagement and understanding of all aspects of the topics mentioned above.
John Eaton
1pm-2.30pm   $15 (member)/ $20 (non-member)
Friday,  10 Nov 2017

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