Friday, September 10, 2010

Intermediate 3A/3B

This course is designed for KLCEC students to develop further their knowledge of Korean language use in actual situations where it can be little challenging and also in working environments. The learning objectives are presented to the students to use the language and deal with his/her own ideas through speaking tasks in the classroom. Your will enjoy K-drama and songs through this course as well.  This level is the highest level in Australia and it leads to Advanced level courses at Sogang University (4A~6B) in Seoul, Korea. Students must complete the module Pre-Intermediate Course (Sogang 2A~B) at KLCEC or pass the test to join Pre-Intermediate Course at Sogang University. (Textbook: Sogang 3A~3B)

3A Contents:

3B Contents:

Venue              South Perth Learning Center

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