Friday, September 10, 2010

Fees for 2019 and Payment

Levels/ FEES
Basic:M1~4 (1A&B)
Korean for Travellers’ (KT)
& TOPIK workshop
ATAR Korean Workshop
(for year 11~12 High school students only)
Module 1

(16 hours/8 weeks)
Korean for Travellers’ (KT)– Click!

TOPIK Workshop 
Module 2

(16 hours/8 weeks)
Module 3

(16 hours/8 weeks)
Module 4

(16 hours/8 weeks)
Sogang Univ. course

2A/2B (18 hours/total 8 weeks)
2A: $300

2B: $310
Sogang Univ. course

3A/3B (18 hours/total 8 weeks)
3A: $320

3B: $330
Sogang Univ. course

4A/4B (18 hours/total 8weeks)
4A: $340

4B: $350
Mon. evening class: 7 weeks/ 2:15+ hours per week. Note: Textbook - $10 is included.
A minimum number of students: 8 students.
Sogang Univ. course textbooks are not in the course fees.
Advanced: at Sogang University KLEC in Seoul, Korea or contact Ms BAE 

How to pay: (2 methods)
1. By Internet Banking: Bank details will be given when your enrolment is confirmed. 
2. By Cheque: Company name details will be given when your enrolment is confirmed. 
Sending the cheque number with bank name by email or text message will be appreciated. 
Note: If your payment is not made 10 days before the commencement, your enrolment confirmation is cancelled.  Payment is not handled on the first lesson. 
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