Friday, September 10, 2010

Fees for 2020 and Payment

(M: Module)
Kindy ~ Primary 1~6

S.C. (Small Class): The fee is different by a number of students so please contact. Usually, S.C. is a temporary class for you to join the main courses as you have missed the main courses to join.
Sogang 2
2A:$299     2B:$309
Sogang 3
3A:$319     3B:$329
Sogang 4
4A:$329     4B:$349

Weekly run & Term basis: 8 weeks/ 2 hours (total 16 hours)
Note: Textbook - $10 is included. A minimum number of students: 8 students.
Required Sogang Univ. course textbooks($50) are excluded from course fees.

How to pay: (2 methods)
1. By Internet Banking: Bank details will be given when your enrolment is confirmed. 
2. By Cheque: Company name details will be given when your enrolment is confirmed. 
Note: If your payment is not made 10 days before the first class, your spot will be given to someone else. Payment is not handled in the first lesson. No refund after joining the class but credit note is given.

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