Friday, September 10, 2010

Pre-Intermediate 2A/2B

Pre - Intermediate: 2A/2B

This course is for students who would like to:
  • - aim for an intermediate level of Korean language
  • - learn to use idioms in the correct cultural situation
  • - understand Korean culture
  • - speak practically through media
Students will participate in special grammar lessons to enhance their language knowledge to have a strong foundation to speak confidently. Students must complete module 4 at KLCEC and pass the test to join the Pre-intermediate or Intermediate level courses with Sogang University. Textbook : Sogang university textbook 2A/2B
2A Contents:
  • - Exchange Personal information in a respective form
  • - Give excuses to past/ present/ future actions
  • - Suggest ideas and refuse other people’s ideas in formal/polite ways
  • - Ask for permission and understand do’s and don’ts
  • - Understand other people’s favor or requests
  • - Report & indirect speech
  • - Speak using formal endings
  • - Recommend popular restaurants and enjoy Korean drinking culture
  • - Travel using the subway in Seoul

2B Contents: 
  • - Introducing my idols and my culture to others
  • - Story telling- Korean version of Cinderella (콩쥐,팥쥐)
  • - Describing personality or appearances to compare with others
  • - Invitation culture and Korean food (떡국) in the lunar calendar year
  • - Dealing with banks, post office, hospitals and libraries
  • - Talking about past traveling or special experiences
  • - Giving advice to friends and listening to excuses for mistakes
  • - Listening to someone’s regrets and comforting them with future plans or suggestions
  • - Talking about how to keep healthy
  • - Attending a baby’s 1st birthday party

Duration          8 lessons & total learning hours : 18+ 

2A/B Teacher: Ms. Maria Yun
Venue           South Perth Learning Center 

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