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Opening Dates

2019 (Conversational courses)

Weekly / 2 hours
Dates 2019
Module 1(M1)

Sat. 2:30~4:30p.m.
Sat.12~ 2:15 p.m.
Thurs. 4~6p.m.
2 Feb.~ 30 Mar.
16 Feb. ~ 30 Mar.
29 Apr. ~ 24 Jun.
3 Aug~21 Sept.
24 Oct. ~ 12 Dec.
8 Feb. ~ 4 Apr. 2020
Off on 2 Mar.
Continue on 2 Mar.
Off on 3 Jun
Off 28 Sep.5,12 Oct.

Module 2 (M2)

Sat. 2:30~4:30 p.m.
Sat. 12:15~2:15pm
4 May~29 Jun
22 Jul~2 Sept.
19 Oct.~7 Dec.
Off on 1 Jun

Module 3 (M3)

Sat. 2:30~4:30 p.m.
Mon 7~9:15p.m.
3 Aug~21 Sept.
9 Sept. ~28 Oct.

Off on 30 Sept.
Module 4 (M4)

Sat. 2:30~4:30p.m.
19 Oct~ 7 Dec.
4 Nov.~16 Dec.
Sogang Univ.
Sat. 2:30~4:30 p.m.
2 Feb.~30 Mar.
4 May~29 Jun.
Off on 2 March 

Sat. 2:30~4:30 p.m.
3 Aug.~21 Sept.
19 Oct~ 7 Dec.
Off on 1 Jun
TOPIK Workshops
14 Sept. &12 Oct.
KT (Korean for Travellers’)
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Sat. 12~2:20pm
Please contact
Only for Highschool Students
* Private lesson-Corporate or KSP (Korean for Special Purpose): Please contact "". 

NOTEClassroom schedules or venue may change subject to booking availability. In such an unlikely event, students would be notified in advance. Please check KLCEC website before registration for opening dates and venues. A minimum number of students are 8 at KLCECMost classes are full a month before the commencements so please submit your enrolment form in advance to avoid disappointment. 
KLCEC offers a discount for those who would like to repeat the same module if seats are available. All courses are once a week for 7~8 weeks per module. 

The venue for the classes:  South Perth Learning Center!
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