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Profile of Ebony BAE 2010

Ms. Ebony BAE is a native Korean teacher from Seoul. She graduated with Bachelor in Arts and is trained at the Korean Language Education Centre (KLEC), Sogang University in Seoul and the Berlitz Language Centre in Singapore. She was the founder of Korean Language Program at NUS Extension in Singapore.

Professional Career
Her passion in Korean language teaching can be seen from her perseverance in promoting Korean language courses in Singapore for the past 10 years. Early 2000, when Korean language courses were still few and unstructured (that is without structured curriculum plans for progression to higher levels of studies in Korea) she started to pave the way for more professional programmes in Singapore. 

She introduced a 3-level Korean Language Programme at at the Cambridge Language School around late 1999 and later at the Japanese Association Singapore (JAS) and the government-funded tertiary institution, Singapore Polytechnic (SP). The programmes were well-received and provided the foundation for future development in her career.

Her breakthrough came about in 2004, when she worked with the National University of Singapore (NUS) continuing education arm, the NUS Extension (NEX). At NEX, by popular demand, the basic Korean language courses very soon expanded into a 6-level Korean Language Program (KLP) which provided the bridge for students to progress to universities in Korea for further studies for the 1st time in Singapore. Korean language learning is further enriched with the introduction of other programmes such as ‘Korean Cultural Class’ and ‘Learning Korean through Drama’ at NEX.

As the 1st Coordinator and Head/ founder of KLP, she set up the Korean Language Proficiency Test (KLPT) Centre and played the pivotal role in the exchanges between Korea and Singapore. She coordinated and introduced scholarships for Singapore students to study in Korea; and for the first time in Singapore, organised exchange programmes with Korean universities and introduced a one-week immersion course with Sogang University and Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea. She also trained one of her local students to be the 1st Korean teacher and arranged a scholarship for her masters degree. She is now actively working as a Korean teacher in Singapore.

To enhance the learning experience of students who do not have a natural Korean learning environment, she helped to co-ordinate and arrange for native teachers to teach in Singapore and invited Ms. Yang Mi Kyung Korean actress in the famous TV series ‘Dae Jang-Geum’ (Jewel in the Palace 大长今) to interact with and be interviewed by students in Korean. During her visit, NUS library also received a book donation for the first time from Korean Embassy in Singapore.
In 2007, Ms. Bae was also one of the committee members when NUS collaborated with the Korean Foundation (KF) to start a Korean language programme. With the strong foundation she built during the initial period, NEX’s Korean programmes continued to be successful. 

Publication  Her 5th book, ‘Conversational Basic Korean' Textbook was published by NUS Publisher in late 2005 and reprinted in 2006.

Teaching Style
Ms. Bae’s unique and fun teaching style is highly regarded by her students and this is the reason her classes are so popular and students have to enrol in advance! 
In contrast to the traditional way of teaching language through textbook-focused route learning, her teaching is fun and effective using the “Communicative Approach” and “Task-Based learning” method. Understanding the learning needs of beginners who do not have a natural learning environment, she focuses on providing them with a lot of opportunities to speak up in class and helps them to attune their hearing to the foreign sounds.
These are two key skills that any foreign language learner needs to master in order to communicate in a new language, but are often not emphasized by language classes because it is simply too draining to provide that level of interactivity. Unlike such classes, Ms. Bae infuses energy into her delivery and keeps her students on their toes. There is never a slack moment that they find that they are not learning.
Her passion to promote Korean culture means that language learning is not just semantic exercises but imbued with inspiring moments when Korean culture, people, food, costume etc are introduced to learners.

Her family moved to Perth in early 2009. She was the vice principal and had been teaching second generation Korean children as a teacher in the Korean School of W.A. from 2010 to 2011. 
In Oct. 2010, after Korean Language & Education Centre  Pty Ltd was incorporated, responses from students have been encouraging with the introduction of regular and short Korean courses  in Perth. She also taught Korean at (Polytechnic) TAFE College for few years. To encourage students to further develop their language skills, the top student of KLCEC Pty Ltd will be offered a scholarship to study in  Sogang University-Seoul, Korea. In 2013, she introduced the immersion course with a Korean Language Academy (Seoul, Korea). Her students who attended for TOPIK test (Basic  level) in 2012, all passed with successful results after learning Korean for less than 56~60 hours only. 

In House (Corporate account)

Teaching Korean Language through Korean Culture to director & Manager(s), Singapore 2002~2003
Teaching Korean Language and Business vocabulary through Korean Culture for a diplomat, Singapore 2006
A Day “Cultural Awareness Seminar” at Clough, W.A.  2012
Taught Korean Language through Korean Culture at Samsung C & T Corporation, W.A. 2013
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