Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Enrol?

There are 3 ways to enrol:
  1. Enrol Online (Enrol once please. Any changes then email me. e.g. course dates, address, tel no.)
  2. If you prefer paper Enrollment Form: email to
  3. Korean for Travellers' (KT) course: Please email to to get "KT" enrolment form.
Minimum number of students: 8
Lesson date/time/venue can be changed subject to booking availability at the centre but it hardly happens. Advance notice will be given.
Early enrolment is advised to avoid disappointment.
If anyone would like to join after Module 1/101, the free assessment test will be given so please make an appointment to sit for the test.
An inquiry does not count as an enrolment. Please let me give you the form by email.
When your enrolment is confirmed then payment should be made  10 working days prior to the commencement. If your payment is not made 10 days before the commencement date, your enrolment confirmation is canceled and your place is then given to next person in the waiting list if there is one. Internet banking preferred.
Email is preferred, but if you would like to send your form or the payment to the address that I will send it to you by email, please send sms to inform your application.
The above 16 years of age is preferred for the adult class.  Note: Parent/legal guardian's consent is needed in written below 17 years old. High school students who need academic records, you must inform KLCEC when you enroll. KLCEC teachers are with WWC (Working with Children)
There are Kindy ~ Year 12 KLCIP courses is available so please get different from
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