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Testimonials from Ex students

KLCEC enabled me to continue studying Korean after returning from studying abroad at Seoul National University (SNU). Transitioning from Active Korean 1 & 2 textbooks at SNU into the Module 3 & 4 content was perfect. It allowed me to refresh, deepen and further my Korean. Ebony is a 5 star teacher who brings energy to each class. She engages students and drives their eagerness to learn. The course also provides opportunities to participate in cultural activities and make great friends. I would highly recommend this (KLCEC) course if you are interested in learning Korean in Perth. Andrew B. 2017

"Yes, we all missed you too, you have been an excellent teacher! It was a pity we did not continue the Korean learning, somehow the teachers just weren't motivating. That few years of learning in fact helped alot in my career too! As I have been doing regional job I work with some key partners in Korea. Although I am far from fluent, I actually can use the little I know to bridge the relationship! At this point while I am in China I am tasked to host one of top Korean partners! It really turned out to be a bonus, did not intend to have that useful in business but it came out well! Many thanks to you 선생님!" by San San CHAN (ex Singaporean student who took Korean in 2005) 

“After two years of living and working in Korea and trying to learn in my spare time unsuccessfully, I was frustrated and disappointed with myself. When I came to Perth I decided it was time to get serious. I searched the internet and asked some friends and co-workers, and all of them recommended Ebony’s classes. So I bit the bullet and signed up last minute, getting a seat because someone else dropped out. I learned more in the first seven weeks than I had in two years of prior study and was thrilled. Ebony’s teaching method makes it very easy for even the most basic beginner to pick up a very complex language. I look forward to class every week and would recommend it to anyone wanting to study Korean in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment!” by David M. 2016

"Ms Ebony Bae is by far the best Korean language teacher in Western Australia. Her language school is run very professionally and to a high standard. After studying Korean under Mrs Bae at KLCEC, I was selected for the Australia-Korean Foundation Scholarship for 2014, to further enhance my Korean language abilities at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, South Korea. For anyone looking to learn Korean, I highly recommend Ms Bae and KLCEC." 
Service Category: Teacher
Year first hired: 2013
 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity - Simon P. 2013

6 December 2010

Subject: Ms Ebony Bae, Korean Language Teacher

I learnt the Korean language from Ms Ebony Bae in 2001. I did not read Hangul or speak any Korean then. Now, I have since finished my master's program in Korean Language and Literature at Kyung Hee University. All this while Ms Bae has continued to be a great teacher and mentor.
Ms Bae is very passionate about teaching the Korean language and culture. She tries her utmost best to let students learn the Korean language in the most effective and fun way and goes all out to help her students. She attended courses and is constantly learning to improve herself as a teacher. She even flew to Korea for teaching courses when she was heavily pregnant.
Her classes are systematic, engaging and interactive. Until now, after so many years, I still hear other students sing her praises, saying that they still remember what she had taught them and it really helped build their foundation in learning Korean.
I really appreciate her hard work and passion for teaching; it's like no other. I have learnt so much from her not only about the Korean language and culture but also about life. I thank her for her advice on pursuing Korean language education and her willingness to share information and her time.  Even if she is miles away, she is always a phone-call away. She is genuinely concern about her students.
I am very grateful to have learnt from her because I have gotten more than just a Korean Language lesson from her class.
Thank you. Ong Wann-click

Great Course as a starter to Korean Language! Keep it up!

- Vincent at KLCEC Perth 2011

The content was well organised and creatively applied. I learnt so much in such a short time! cannot wait for module 2!

- Alicia (English teacher) at KLCEC Perth 2011

There is a lot to learn, which is good for those who want to learn. But there may be others who want to more leisurely pace, module 4 should be broken to 6.

- Lucy at KLCEC Perth 2011

I learnt so much and it was so much fun! Wish it went for longer through, it went so fast! I want to learnt to cook Bibimbap!

- Samantha at KLCEC Perth 2011

Above students from my 1st class at KLCEC Perth, they allow me to share their learning experience at KLCEC.

Bae seongsengnim is perhaps the most inspiring teacher I came across in my life. She has this passion to teach Korean and could strongly relate to us using local jargons and culture. I'm totally impressed with how she brings across an idea or concept through actings as she is adamant about not letting us check the dictionary when we stumbled upon an unfamiliar vocabulary.
My Korean language skills, needless to say, improved tremendously under her belt. In less than a year's once-a-week lesson with her, 8 months to be exact, I went on a 3 weeks backpack trip to Korea and I was able to navigate myself around!
One year later, I was invited by Bae Seongsengnim to participate in the annual Korean speech contest. When my script entered the finals, Bae seongsengnim conducted training and committed herself to train me on my pronounciation and fluency. She even taught me how I could exaggerate my facial expressions to bring across my feelings. Thanks to her dedication, I got a second prize and a wonderful experience of a lifetime.
Not only did I learn the language well, but I also took away important elements from her lessons which are relevant to what I'm doing now. She loves teaching Korean which is strongly evident in her passion and energy she injected into her lessons. I was enligthened to stay true to one's passion and most importantly, to enjoy it.
Thank you, you have been truly a wonderful inspiring teacher.

- (Wayne)

"Bae Sonsengnim is an excellent educator. Learning the korean language with her has been an interesting and wonderful experience as she shares her knowledge with us in a humorous and easy-to-understand manner. She is passionate about her work and while having fun during her classes, what we learn can be put to use effectively in daily life interaction with Koreans. Through Bae Sonsengnim, we learn not only the language but also about the fascinating aspects and richness of Korean culture and become motivated to continue studying Korean."

- Jean (Ms.)

"I got very inspired by your of teaching as a teacher when I attended your Korean class back then, and every time I teach, I am exaggerating my ideas to the students and they seem to like it and the results show. As a result, I get a lot of referrals from students and parents."

- W Q Sian (Mr.)

"I have studied Korean with Ms Ebony Bae since 2005. Up to now, I am still following my interest. I really hope to excel in it and so I am studying the language in Korea itself now. I have never thought of giving up no matter how tough it is, and I guess it is all thanks to Ms Bae. When I first learned Korean with her, she made the language come alive and sparked off my love for the language. It was probably due to the fact that she taught us the language in a more communicative and fun manner, which was unlike most traditional Asian classes. Ms Bae came up with my interesting scenarios so that we could use the language more effectively in real life situations. In her classes, conducted mostly in Korean basically, you could listen to her talk about the culture of Korea and learn more about the Korean way of life and thinking. When Ms Bae teaches her classes, you can feel her passion in wanting to share the wonders of Korean language, culture and history to all non-Koreans. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours!…"

- Meifun, ex-student

"...I was affected by her positive words and encouragement when I was her student. She was stern and demanding, expected us to complete all the assigments."

- Yenli Lim, ex-student

I was taking classes at NUS extension. It's about $320 for the entire course. 10 weeks. If you learn Korean, go for the Ebony Bae classes. I think $320(Now her same program for level1 is $420!) for 10 lessons was considered quite expensive. The Singapore Korean School's course was $500 I think but you get more lesson time. In the end, I choose NUS extension cause I heard Ebony Bae was good. Mostly she says stuff and we repeat after her. We also pair up to do conversation with our classmates. So A will ask B a question and B will answer. B will ask C the same question and C will answer. And so on. The classes focus more on speaking. Once the lesson starts, we hardly speak any english unless we need to ask a question. I found the class easier because I actually knew how to read Korean (but couldn't understand a single thing) before attending the classes. But my reading speed was slow and became much faster.

- Kl (Ms.) Ex SMU(Singapore Management University) student

The teacher who appears in the video (YTN) is also my teacher. My study in KHU (Kyung Hee University) would not have been possible without her. The Korean language programme in NUS(National University of Singapore)'s main campus would not have existed if not for her.

H Pang (Mr.)

"My interest in Korean language started in 2004 all because of the Korean drama of the 21st century – Winter Sonata, which I think most people will be familiar with. Slowly, I also started to love the Korean ballads, and that’s where I strongly felt an urge to learn the Hangul so that I can read the lyrics and hum along with the songs. It never crossed my mind to learn the Korean language all the way to the Advanced Korean course as I only wanted to take a short course, get to know the writing language, able to read the language and that would be good enough for me. However Ebony’s teaching style, adopted from the Sogang teaching method, was not only interesting, placing it focus on the speaking aspect but her vibrant and lively teaching style also drives me to continue with her classes. Without her, I do not think I have been able to progress that far with the Korean language. I was also fortunate to be able to work with her for a short period, as her teaching assistant. It further gave me the opportunities to improve my language skills and also able to share my experiences and passion with the rest of the learners. As much as I really missed her after she has moved to another stage of her life, I hope that wherever she is, she can continue to share her passion in teaching, imparting her knowledge to anyone who has a keen interest in learning the language."

- Mrs. Juliet Ho, ex-student who became TA(Teaching Assistant) in Korean classes at NEX.

"I attended Ms Ebony's Korean lessons in National University Singapore (NUS), Singapore from 2004 to 2005. Prior to that, I had attended Korean Lessons at other learning centres and I can say that Ebony is very passionate is teaching the language. Her personalised style of teaching is both engaging and interesting. One thing I appreciate is her patience and her uncompromising (relentless) efforts in helping her students to improve the Korean language in every way possible, through songs, videos, conversations etc. Being a teacher myself, I understand the challenges of motivating and substaining the interest of students under your charge, and I believe Ms Ebony has done a great job in that."

- Matthias Sim (Mr.) 2004~2005 "...

Ebony BAE is an extremely dedicated Korean teacher…Under her, not only do we learnt Korean as a language, but also tremendously widened our knowledge in Korean culture and history. With her wits and creativity, Ebony is very capable of making the classes interesting, enticing the students to do continuous learning even outside of the classes."

- San San, ex-student

"... I have studied Korean with Ms Ebony Bae since 2005. Up to now, I am still following my interest. I really hope to excel in it and so I am studying the language in Korea now. I have never thought of giving up no matter how tough it is, and I guess it is all thanks to Ms Bae. When I first learned Korean with her, she made the language come alive and sparked off my love for the language.

- Adline CHAN (Ms.)

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