Saturday, October 16, 2010

General Information for the courses at KLCEC

KLCEC introduced "Conversational Korean Language" course in early Oct. 2010 and is the first private institution to provide more than 4 modules with the scholarship in Perth. Response from students has since been excellent. 

Conversational skill is a practical and essential communication tool in learning any new languages. This is where our strength is in our Korean Language. Reading and writing exercises are mainly given as homework so that we maximized speaking base tasks in classroom. 

The courses are following the curriculum (4 areas : Speaking/Listening & Writing/Reading) so there are homework, tests and group works in classes. Therefore, preparing (memorization of vocabulary) for next class is advised.  In the classes, communicative teaching methods are used so the students enjoy to speak Korean most of times. Therefore, there are weekly homework to improve writing skill.  The tests are given to show how confident you are to move up to next level. 
(FYI: KLCEC follows the W.A. school term schedules).  

Note: Learning contents or teaching plan might be adjusted by the instructor at KLCEC.

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