Monday, November 8, 2010


1. I am not sure whether I have to enrol for morning or afternoon courses or evening.

Evening Class is popular so large numbers of students are coming. Afternoon classes are smaller so the teacher can give more attention to the individual and are able to practice more.

2. I am going to miss the first lesson, can I catch up?

Yes, you may catch up as I always give review shortly before I teach next chapter in the class. Although there is no make up class however, I may help you to go through the previous note before the lesson starts for about ten~thirty minutes. Informing your absence will be appreciated by email or a text message. If you have to miss two first lessons may not acceptable unless you have previous study about reading Korean Alphabets so you may consider to register next intake.

3. Do I have to buy any materials?
Textbook is $10 per module.

4. May I know the minimum and maximum number of students in a class?

KLCEC needs 6~8 minimum students to open a class and around 20 early over students are maximum in a class.

5. I enrol in the first class in Feb. but I cannot wait to explore myself to study Korean, would you give me an website that I can study Korean by myself first?

Please visit for free study.
To have hard copies, you can visit local libraries, central TAFE, state library and Murdoch university library as I have arranged the donation of Korean books (Guide to Korean Culture & Fact about Korea).

6. I have studied Korean at outside and I would like to join intermediate level at KLCEC. How can I apply?

Please send an email or text me to arrange an assessment test and bring along your KLCEC admission form. Written test for 20 min. and oral test for 10 min. will be given. Bringing along your past learning note or book will be helpful to understand your level.

7. Cooking class?

It is social gathering after a module and it will be conducted and cost of ingredients will shared with the students who attend the cooking class. (e.g.: $5~$7 for each student)

8. I'm very much interested to take up the afternoon class on Friday, but maybe in the future if my schedule clashes with the class, would I be able to change to evening class or there will only be one class?

If you cannot come to the same class anymore due to your study or work, please give me a short note to give you the credit note for next in take but if the next level is cancelled or full, your name will be in a wait list because new applicants are the first priority group. Also, credit note should be used for once not twice.

9. Shall I have a Korean native speaker to help me to learn and improve the language?

Having a native Korean friend is a good idea because you can have a chance to practice speaking skill but "if" he/she gives incorrect information on grammar or uses non standard accent, you might be confused when you learn Korean formally.

10. I have questions after lessons, shall I call or email?

Please send your questions through email and the teacher will try best to answer within context.
e.g.: If the questions is not related to the level of learning, the teacher might guide to other materials including information on the Internet or teach those in next level if the questions is related to higher levels.

11. Any questions after class?

The teacher prefer to get your questions through emails after class and your questions will be answered within the context.

12. Do you offer private lesson as one to one?

Private lessons can be arranged for companies or government because the request is for Korean for Special Purpose (KSP) otherwise, please join a group (class) at KLCEC.

13. Can I repeat the same module?

Yes, you can and 50% discount is offered. However, it is depends on the availability in the classes.

14. My friend is studying Korean with you and I heard that there is tutorial session?

Yes, I do sometimes. I divide into small 2 ~3 groups(minimum 6 students only) to meet me for 30~1 hour speaking lesson during long break (Dec. & Jan.) or checking their learning progress individually after the test result comes out. It is offered to current registered students only.

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