Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One week immersion in Seoul, Korea!

KLCEC encourages our students to “speak” with the right culture in all aspects of daily life, including working, studying, hobbies, travelling and cultural exchange.  No matter how diligently we try to learn and speak the Korean language in Perth, there is always a lack of authenticity in the experience as there is limited opportunity to interact with native Koreans.

When you learn a foreign language, mastering the basic level without this interaction is possible as it is best to learn basic grammar, vocabulary and theory first to become comfortable with the language. It also saves money by eliminating the need for accommodation, travelling expenses and student visas.

Ebony BAE’s courses in Perth are designed to emphasise the effectiveness of study in Korea at a higher level. Modules 1-4 will equip students with the skills needed to converse with natives on a basic level as well as the ability to expand into intermediate and advanced. If you are seeking a sound grasp of the basic language, you will be able to thrive with Ebony’s tailor-made courses built on first-hand understanding of her students, the way they learn and their level of study.

Now, KLCEC is offering a one week immersion course for students who successfully complete at least Module 4 (M4) and/or the Sogang Pre-Intermediate (PI) or higher level course with Ebony BAE. The courses will be custom-built for each group, with a minimum of 4 students from the same level or 10 from two different levels required (ie. 4 students from M4 or PI, or 10 from M4 and PI combined).

In Seoul, you will meet, get to know and interact with Koreans and practice your Korean usage in everyday situations. 

The one-week course will be offered four times per year as each immersion course will take on a different topic based on the curriculum learnt with Ebony BAE in Modules 1-4. As your teacher throughout all basic levels, Ebony knows your strengths and weaknesses and can coordinate each course based on topics and syllabus that you have already have a basic understanding of. This will ensure you can speak confidently in the classes and apply this knowledge in new, practical curriculums.

Learning Korean does not mean simply studying the language, but also the culture. Immersion will allow you to broaden your learning practice into experience, so let’s expand our classroom and learn Korean together in Seoul!

For: Students who have finished a minimum of Module 4 or higher level with KLCEC only
Instructors: Experienced teachers at a Korean Academy or Sogang University in Seoul.
Accommodation: to be organized personally. If you would like assistance or would like to organize homestay, please talk to Ms. Ebony Bae.
Flight: personally booked.

Commencing dates: by group request

Course Fee:   About $350~400 
(Based on 1 week : Mon.~ Fri. classroom lessons with one excursion as a cultural lesson.)
Application closing date: TWO months before commencement
Payment deadline: AT LEAST 45 days prior to departure (the earlier the better)
            Materials        Sogang university textbook
Venue             Will be informed.


These commencement dates are advisory only. If your class has a minimum of 4 people eager to go at any time, please speak to Ebony BAE and she can look into organising an alternate course. 

Flights and accommodation may be cheaper if booked together so please consider organising with your classmates prior to booking.

For more information regarding immersion courses, please call Ms. Ebony BAE on 0425 377 889 or email ebonybaehk@gmail.com

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