Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fee & Opening dates for Teens


FEE: This is fee is for ONLY for “Current High School Students”

1A1 & 1A2
(Basic 1-
1st year)
1B1& 1B2
(Basic 2-
2nd year)
3rd year)
3A/3B (UpperIntermediate-
4th year)
Exam Class
(5th year, 6 months)

Opening Dates 2018

Group(G) 1:
Sat. 12:30~2p.m.
Level 1A1
Term1: 2 Feb.~30 Mar.
(Off on 2 March)
Level 1A2
Term 2: 4 May ~29 Jun
(Off on 1 Jun)
Level 1B1
Term3: 3 Aug~21Sept.
Level 1B2
Term4: 26 Oct.~14 Dec.
Group(G) 2:
Sat. 10:30a.m. ~12p.m.
Level 1A1
Term2: 3 Aug.~21 Sept.
Level 1A2
Term4:26 Oct.~14 Dec.
Level 1B1
2020: Term 1/Feb. TBA
Level 1B2
2020: Term 2/May.TBA
A minimum number of students is 8 to open a class at KLCIP Limited.

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