Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pre Advance 4A/B

This 4A- almost one year course aims to further develop students’ all around communicative ability in speaking, reading, listening and writing to the intermediate level accurately and the teacher will lead the activities for the students to develop the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentation skills in general.  This course adopts “Business Korean” so extra curriculums will be;
·       Self-introduction letter
·       Interviews
·       Business letters and emails
·       Name Cards and Entertainment culture in the PUB
·       Advertisement
·       Korean Company Cultures
This course will reinforce the aspects that some 2nd generation Koreans whose language is weak in higher-level vocabulary, common grammatical and spelling errors in their writing too. It also aims to have students achieve the competency in the skills of communication, comparisons and cultural in conjunction.

It is a special course for the KLCEC students who completed 3B level and for the 2nd generation Korans who need to improve their writing and presentation skills in a systematic Korean style.  This class may need 80% of 3B level of KLCEC students who's  Korean is their foreign language and 20% of 2nd generation Koreans who’s Korean is limited in speaking so they need to improve business writings and presentation skills in Korean. (Note: 2nd generation Korean who did not have any formal learning and level of TOPIK I (almost max score) or the early or mid score of TOPIK II, are welcome to join. Two spots are available for 2018 intake.)

Teacher: Ms. Bona Lee (B.A. in French Language)

Duration: 8 lessons & total learning hours: 18+ 

Above 4B level is offered in Sogang university in Seoul, Korea.

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