Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)

Purpose of exam
1.     To propagate and set direction of learning Korean for non native Korean speakers and overseas Korean.
2.     To measure and evaluate their Korean language skills and utilize the results for in Korea colleges and job seeking.

Applicant Qualification
Overseas Koreans and foreigners for whom Korean is a second language and who:
1.     Aim to learn the language and enter in Korea universities
2.     Seek jobs in companies and public institutions in Korea and overseas
3.     Reside overseas or are attending/graduated from a foreign school

Management Organization
·         National Institute for International Education
·         Operates directly under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
·         In charge of educating overseas Koreans, interchanging and cooperating in education internationally
·         Sending and receiving students, and supporting public English education
Please visit TOIPK website for more information

Targeted participants / Pre-requisites
KLCEC students who have completed at least Module 4 or Non-KLCEC students who are required to take a placement test with Ms. Ebony BAE.

For Whom
This course is for students who would like to obtain a recognized qualification from TOPIK. It will cover some exam techniques and give students a deeper understanding of what they have learnt too.

TOPIK Workshop: Post phoned till group of students' demands arises.
New Post Regular (PR) course offers different topic of cultural lessons including solving TOPIK past papers as a curriculum, opening for TOPIK workshop is not in great demand at KLCEC.

Exam Date in 2012: 16 Sept. 2012 (Sunday) 

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