Wednesday, November 27, 2013

After Immersion Course (Study & Travelling Cost$$) in Seoul, Korea

From Oct. 2013 Immersion Group
From Noon:
Usage: Please input number of days in Korea in the yellow box. (In the calculator I have put 14 days as an example.)
In blue are the total minimum and maximum costs depending on how much you eat, travel, length of course etc.
My observations

  • From the hotel, take the airport bus. Its cheap and will drop you near or at most major hotels. Make sure to find out which bus to take before going.
  • Train and taxi is cheap. On some days where we were out past midnight (last trains end aroundmidnight) a taxi is still very cheap to take. During the day, try to take the train as traffic is pretty heavy.
  • Food.. delicious and cheap! Good food can be had everywhere at very reasonable prices. Obviously, you can splash out on fine dining or special foods (like gejang - highly recommended! go to Pro Ganjang Gejang 간장게장) but good full meals are still cheap like 삼겹살 and a few beers/soju would still only cost about $15.
  • There are numerous cafes but coffees cost the same as here, about $4-5 so if on a budget, buy some Maxim instant.
  • WIFI - hotels, cafes and popular areas will have generally have them so a SIM card with data isn't critical but it can sometimes be difficult to get WIFI outside the hotel. 
  • SIM card - useful if you really need on-demand Internet to use Google maps or surf, and useful if you have local friends and need to make or receive calls. Get the EG SIM card at the airport. It will be very difficult to find outside of the airport. Instructions
  • TripAdvisor Seoul app (IOS and Android) came in really useful to find restaurants etc near you.To those going, enjoy! It was an amazing trip and experience. 대단히 고맙습니다 선생님! from Noon.

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