Thursday, November 7, 2013

Korean for Travellers' (KT) & other Short courses

Korean for Travellers' (KT) © course since Feb. 2011 by Ebony BAE

Note: This course will be offered at the South Perth Learning Center from Sept. 2019.
KLCEC is merging with the South Perth Learning Center: this course will be modified to "Before you Fly to Korea" course to give the best hot places in Seoul to visit, talk about the top 10 food, a short history note and culture with do's and don't'. 

Going to Korea soon? Have Korean friends? You are not ready to join the regular course at KLCEC? Is your family member marrying a Korean? Do you want to know about Korean culture? Do you want to go shopping in Korea? Then, you are welcome to join the FUN “KT” course. Be ready before you fly out!

  • Practical ways to read the Korean Alphabet (Hanguel)
  • Simple conversation to ask price, order food & drinks and so on.
  • Polite Greetings & understanding the history and culture
  • Singing a Korean song in karaoke with your friends
  • Top places visit in Seoul and Korean food!
Fee: TBA by SPLC
Opening Dates: 
Please check with South Perth Learning Center (SPLC) after July 2019

Duration: 4 weeks (total of 8+ hours weekly)

Model: Our students - Jasmin & Asha in Kyongbok place in Seoul Korea.

Picture Source: Easy Korean, Moonjung Kim

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