Monday, December 9, 2013

After Immersion course (Institute in Seoul and culture shock) by VAL

Institute : The classrooms were small bit sufficient. Classes were very engaging as the teachers always involved every student in every exercise. We also had to speak a lot, all in Korean, as our classmates and teachers did not speak good English. There were many interactions among students as well so it was a good opportunity to make foreign friends. 

Teachers : The teachers are generally very friendly, helpful and approachable. Most of them can speak minimal English so it was a good learning opportunity as we had to speak Korean. They also tried to make the classes as lively and interesting as they can. 

Learning material : Learning materials were prepared for every class and it was neat and easy to understand. I found that the grammars and vocabularies taught was very useful as I found myself using them to ask for directions and I actually could speak and understand what I was told in return! 

All in all, the classes and teachers are very similar to what KLCIP provides but with more speaking practices. 

My other topic : Culture shock. 

Koreans are known to be very polite but not in crowded places! If you are in their way, they will gentle push you out of their way instead of saying "Excuse me" (Not all people, but most of them). It was not in a bad manner but I was just not used to it! :P 

It was a great trip and I will definitely go on another immersion trip if given the chance! :D
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