Sunday, October 16, 2016

Korean Cultural Classes! (KCC)

Korean Craft class: Han Ji Gong Ye by teacher Yoon.

Korean Food? by teacher Lee H.S.

Teacher LEE Hyun Shil (Korean Chef Certification Holder) and myself conduct classes for Kimchi making and other dishes. There is a fee for different dishes ($30~45) and we have a meal after the demonstration of the dishes.

My kitchen story with my students:
Since KLCEC first opened in late 2010, KLCEC students and the teachers have always had indoor and outdoor parties at the end of modules(1&4), to enjoy typical Korean food. 

Term 1 & 2: Kimchi & others
Term 3: with Thanksgiving day special
Term 4: with term 4 year ending party

Song Pyeon (Thanksgiving Day food in Korea) 


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