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Cultural Events

Institution's cultural events

Lunar New Year(설날): KLCEC students are invited to enjoy Korean traditional games. 
Time & Date: 1:30~5:30p.m. & 25 Feb. 2018
Venue: Waterford
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추석-송편만들기 (9월 23일 4:30시~6시): 현 학생들과 졸업생들

연말파티(Year Ending Party) -한국음식 (12월 10일 5:30분): 현 학생들과 졸업생들

Note: Ex students who would like to join cultural events, you need to give RSVP.


23 Sept. 2017: Making Song Peyeon (송편만들기) for the Thanksgiving day (추석)

11:30~1:30p.m., 1 Dec. 2017: Making Japchae & Korean BBQ at SPLC - Please click to get the information! This cooking class to the public.
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Do you want to DANCE with K-Pop music? Please join KCDC crew! Number of my students are in KCDC and they will help you to be a K-pop dancer! 
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View channel: K pop dance KCDC group

Bang Bang

Attack on Titan | BTS - DOPE | Dance Cover by KCDC

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