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Cultural Events

Institution's cultural events
Kimchi Making - open to the public
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$70, $60 for Members (includes GST)
Date:  Friday 17-Aug-2018
Single session (Open)
Time 11:30am for 2 hr
Venue: SPLC Kitchen Demo
Facilitator: Annie the Chef (Korean and Japanese cousins)
11 places available 
Are you interested in making “healthy home made kimchi”? You may have heard that even some native Koreans do not know how to make homemade kimchi because it needs some tips to make healthy kimchi. Ms. Bona Lee, who has got a great passion in Korean cuisine with her Korean chef Grade 1, will show you how to make the kimchi by using local ingredients. Ms. Ebon BAE will assist by telling some history behind of the food. Many locals want to know the secret of this making kimchi and you will be amazed by this one dish as it can be used to make a number of other dishes such as Kimchi Chigae, Tofu kimchi and others. Menu 1. Traditional Kimchi 2. Tofu OR steamed port kimchi (vegetarian or meat lovers) 3. Kimchi Chigae with rice

Lunar New Year(설날): KLCEC students are invited to enjoy Korean traditional games.
Time & Date: 1:30~5:30p.m. & 3 Feb. 2018
Venue: Waterford
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Yearly Event at KLCEC
Thanksgiving day Song Pyeon Making with current and ex-students
추석-송편만들기: 현 학생들과 졸업생들

2018 연말파티(Year Ending Party) -한국음식 (12월 9일 5:30분): 현 학생들과 졸업생들

Note: Ex students who would like to join cultural events, you need to give RSVP.


Making Song Peyeon (송편만들기) for the Thanksgiving day (추석)

11:30~1:30p.m., 1 Dec. 2017: Making Japchae & Korean BBQ at SPLC - Please click to get the information! This cooking class to the public.
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Do you want to DANCE with K-Pop music? Please join KCDC crew! Number of my students are in KCDC and they will help you to be a K-pop dancer! 
Contact person:
View channel: K pop dance KCDC group

Bang Bang

Attack on Titan | BTS - DOPE | Dance Cover by KCDC

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