Monday, June 11, 2018

Korean for Teens

More content is coming.... Updated: 5 Aug. 2018

The KLCEC Korean for TEENs (KTN) course is for students who study Korean for "Foreigners".
KLCEC follows ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) Achievement standard.

For whom: Year 7~10
1. A student who wants to learn an Asian language as a hobby
2. A student who is seriously considering to take the Korean language for tests (e.g. ATAR or TOPIK)
3. A student who wants to study or work or go to an exchange program in Korea after year 12.

How does it work?
e.g.  Year 7 or 8 students
They can start with Level 1A1 & 1A2 for a year then move up to 2nd year for 1B1 & 1B2.
When students finish all tests, they will join the Sogang university course (Currently, U.W.A. uses Sogang University textbooks) which is 2A/B, 3A/B & 4. KLCEC has modified the curriculum to produce the best result for the students to sit for the tests. Customized writing sessions/work will be given to those who are preparing for the tests through the courses.

NOTE: Parent would like to contact KLCEC, please use email or text message first to make an appointment.  Please click on the opening dates! 

KTN curriculum in charge is Ms. Hwang M.Y. (Master Degree in Korean Language for Foreigners)
FAQ will be given soon in late Aug. 2018.
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