Saturday, November 17, 2018

KTN Basic 1A1&2, 1B1&2

101 (Term 1)

Hangul (Korean Alphabet)
Who is this/that person?
Where is this/that place?
My father is an Australian.
I have got a younger sibling.
My school is in South Perth.
I like Korean food.

Cultural Lessons:
Korean New Year
Korean Flag
Korean Greetings
Korean Food

Outcome: The students will be able to read and write confidently then present themselves to introduce in Korean. The students will interact with given tasks weekly and experience cultural lessons.

For whom: The students with no or minimal knowledge of the Korean language.

101 (Term 2)

What are you doing here?
Which classroom are you in?
When is your birthday?
What time is it?
What did you do on last Sat.?
It is raining, what are you doing at home?
I dislike tests.

Cultural Lessons:
Parties in Korea.
K-pop song or traditional song
K-pop move!

Outcome: The students will be able to use the present tense to make own sentences with given tasks.
The students will deal with Pure and Sino Korean numbers to do tasks to tell time and counting units.

From whom: The students who pass the 101 term 1 test with 60% above.

102 (Term 3)
Course information - coming soon

102 (Term 4)
Course information - coming soon

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