Saturday, November 17, 2018

KTN Exam Class

This class will be offered on Sunday (3~4:30p.m.) on Sunday in 2020.
It will be conducted on term 1, 2 & 3. The textbook 401 will be used for the 1st semester together with exam style preparation then the intensive exam preparation will be given in the final term.
If we have got enough students to open, we will open this class so please let KLCIP knows by email.

Pre-advance and Advance Level: 402, 501,502,601& 602 (above TOPIK 4 level)
For whom: the locals who finished the 401 level, the 2nd & 3rd generation native Koreans who aim to join universities in Korea or moving back to Korea or getting a job in Korea.

Teachers: Ms. Hwang M.Y. (Master Degree in Korean language for Foreigners) &
Ms. Park S. Y. (Master Degree in Korean language for Foreigners)

Content coming soon....

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