Saturday, November 17, 2018


1. I am a year 10 student, can I still join the KTN (Korean for TEENs) course?

Yes, you can. However, you may not be able to finish the whole KTN course with the same group within 4 years. However, you are very welcome to join the KTN or adult course because the adult course accepts students from 16 years old and above.

2. Do I need to pass the test to join the next level?

There are weekly quizzes and a final test after each term and the passing mark is 60%. However, if the students are planning to sit the ATAR or TOPIK exam, the passing mark is 70%.

3. What KTN and the Adult Korean courses are different?

The KTN course is designed especially for the high school students who plan to take the ATAR exam so the course will guide and prepare the students with the Australian curriculum. Also, the class will be conducted with high school content or common topics so that it will be interesting for those who are taking the class as a hobby too.

4. Is KTN course credited as an extra class (outside of high school) in W.A.?

No. However, you are able to send an application to your school to sit the ATAR exam for a foreign language (Korean language) if your child is at a pre-advanced level (Upper intermediate level and exam preparation class at KLCIP). You may be able to use the result to apply for universities in Eastern states after the assessment. KLCIP will be able to provide the training needed (Exam preparation class) if any students are planning to sit the exam.
Students who would like to sit the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in the Korean language), are welcome. The TOPIK is internationally recognized. Please click for TOPIK  for more information.

5. Size of the class for teens?

8~15 students in a class.
If there are only a few students apply for KTN course, we will offer an adult Korean class to join. So, your child always welcomes to start a Korean class at our centre.  When your child is joining "Exam Preparation class", we will train him/her to prepare the ATAR exam (9 months program) after Sogang university 3B level.

6. Is this a program for 2nd generation Koreans too?

The basic to pre-advanced level is for foreign students who would like to learn Korean as a foreign language. However, if there are 2nd and 3rd generation Koreans who are interested in taking the ATAR background exam, their Korean language is not the 1st language spoken at home, or have a half Korean parent, then they are welcome to join after an interview with the parents.

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