Sunday, February 24, 2019

ATAR Korean Workshop

The textbook Sogang 4A will be used for the 1st semester together with exam style preparation then the intensive exam preparation will be given in the final term.
If we have got enough students to open, we will open this class so please let KLCEC knows by email.

Teachers: Ms. Hwang M.Y. (Master Degree in Korean language for Foreigners) &
Ms. Park S. Y. (Master Degree in the Korean language for Foreigners)

KLCEC follows the ACARA Curriculum for this course strictly.

For whom: Students who aim to sit for Korean for ATAR and completed 3B level at KLCEC.

If any students want to aim to study the Korean language for ATAR then he/she must start from year 7 or 8 or 9 to complete 3 years’ full course (Module 1~4, Sogang 2A & B, 3A & B) All classes are based on W.A. term basis. The minimum number of students are 8 to open a class at KLCEC. Once we have got enough number of students to start the ATAR Exam course so please put your name down. Updated on 27 Mar. 2019

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