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Group with Special Purpose

Korean as a Foreign Language For Young Learners
"Our center teaches the Korean language to young learners with an enhanced version of ACARA  (The Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority) to maintain standards.
To help students to communicate with right language skills in various contexts, be it personal or academic, and enjoy the benefits of Korean culture, media and travel.  To enable 3rd generation Koreans and adoptees to rediscover their heritage and identity."
Semester 1
(1 term/8 weeks)
Semester 2
(1 term/8 weeks)
Fee by Term
(5~6 years old with a parent)
Fun Korean
Fun Korean
(7~12 years old)
Proposed time:
12~1:30 p.m.
101, 201
301, 401
102, 202
302, 402
$250 (1 & 2)
$270 (3 & 4)
Senior School
(13~18 years old)
2 ~4 p.m.
Sogang Course
Sogang Course

Textbook for Kindy & Primary: $25 (imported from Korea) 
Admission form - Please request by email:

2020 Open Date: 8 Weeks term basis.
Due to COVID19, KLCEC Younger group Korean classes are all canceled on 15 March 2020. New schedule will be out for 2021.
Note: The fee paid15 days before the 1st lesson. Class time can be changed due to booking schedules at the center then a notice will be given in advance by email.
KLCEC follows the ACARA Curriculum for this course strictly.

For whom: 
1. Local students who want to learn Korean as a foreign language. 
2. Multicultural families, one parent is Korean.
3. Adoptee families who help their children to have the Korean identity from young.
4. The 3rd generation Koreans who cannot join the class with the 2nd generation Koreans.
Note: The minimum number of students is 8 to open a class. These courses are conducted by demands so KLCEC tailor-made for each class so your inquiry is important with your information about the child.

FAQ is coming....
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