1. How long is the course & fees?

It depends on the courses. A module takes 7~8 weeks (total 16+ hours). The courses run every week with 2 or 2.5 hours+. Please check the opening dates.
The fees are different for every level so please check the fees.
Above, Sogang university 2A level, so it needs 8 weeks to run with 2/2.5 hours.
There is a break in between modules so you can use the school break time to review.

Please note that Sat. class run with 2 hours weekly/ 8 weeks (total 16 hours) in a term but Mon. evening class run with almost 2 hours & 15 min. weekly/ 7 weeks (total 16 hours) in a term from 2018.

2. Do I need to do weekly homework?

Yes. There is a weekly homework and our students spend about 1~2 hours doing homework and study. The weekly homework helps the students to review and prepare for the next lesson. Usually, KLCEC students enjoy the weekly homework because it is fun to do. In order to enjoy the "conversational" Korean, reading and writing homework help you to enjoy the class 110% with a native teacher. 

3. Can I call you?

Yes. If you can text me and let me know the best time to call you back, it would be a great help.
If you need to call me directly, then please use the time between 11a.m. ~ 5pm. so that I can answer your call better. I may not get your calls during school break time or holiday seasons so the best way to get my attention, is via email.

4. I am not sure whether I should enrol for Sat. afternoon or Mon. evening classes.
Also, when shall I enrol?

Both classes are popular, with large numbers of students attending. KLCEC offers classes from Module 1 ~ 4 then it leads to Sogang university 2A, 2B, 3A & 3B & 4A level so there are only few Module 1 openings which are in Feb. and May. each year. The students who pass the test after each module, enjoy the course till Sogang university 3B or higher level. So there are many students who enrol early to get a spot before February. So, to avoid any disappointment, please enrol early after checking your schedule. The module 1~4 classes are full very fast so you need to enrol early. I understand some students are on a waitlist for several months before coming to a class but I assure you that our course does not end at the basic level only, it also brings you to the higher levels with the Korean national curriculum. KLCEC aim to provide the Korean course that is useful and a number of levels in Perth. 

5. Do I have to buy any materials?

The textbook is $10 for the basic levels and around $60 for a Sogang University textbook & workbook.

6. May I know the minimum and a maximum number of students in a class?

KLCEC needs 8~10 minimum students to open a class. Around 16+ students are the maximum in a class.

7. I have studied Korean previously and I would like to join the intermediate level at KLCEC. How can I apply?

Please send an email or text the teacher to arrange an assessment and bring along your KLCEC admission form. A written test for 20 min. and oral test for 10 min. will be given. Bringing along your past learning notes or books will be helpful to understand your level. The best time to sit down for the assessment would be around 1~2 weeks before the commencement. Please avoid the middle of school break time or holiday seasons.

8. Shall I have a Korean native speaker to help me to learn and improve my understanding of the language?

Having a native Korean friend is a good idea because you can practice speaking skills but "if" he/she gives incorrect information on grammar or uses a non-standard accent, you might be confused when you learn Korean formally. 

9. Do you offer private lesson as one to one?

Private lessons can be arranged for companies or government departments (In House Program) because the request is for Korean for Special Purpose (KSP); If otherwise, please contact KLCEC. However, I can introduce a teacher who is available and you can discuss the fee directly with the teacher.

10. Teachers?

We have got 4~5 qualified NATIVE teachers who have got 5~18 years of experience and two local and native assistant teachers. 

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