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Koreans use Konglish! What is Konglish?

The English language is put to great use in Korea since the Western influence came into our culture. It's often possible with the help of gestures to make simple throughts or requests understood through common English words.   Korean also borrow words from English. Many of these Korean style English terms (Konglish) are created by truncating English words. E.g.: apartment=아파트, hand phone =핸드폰. Not only these simplified words but also English noun with 하다 make easier start in speaking. In fact, many 2nd or 3rd generation use Konglish like 엄마, 바큠(Vacuum)끝나면 티비(T.V.) 와칭(Watching)해도 될까요? 오늘 재미있는 무비(movie)가 있는데 꼭 보고 싶어요.  So, please use Konglish to speak Korean if you cannot think of the right words till you get the right words in the dictionary. Speak first! why not!

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