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Intermediate  3A/B & 4A/B


Intermediate: 3A & 3B 


This course is designed for KLCEC students to develop further their knowledge of Korean language use in actual situations where it can be a little challenging and also in working environments. The learning objectives are presented to the students to use the language and deal with his/her own ideas through speaking tasks in the classroom. You will enjoy K-drama and songs through this course as well.  This level is the highest level in Australia and it leads to Advanced level courses at Sogang University (4A~6B) in Seoul, Korea. Students must complete the module Pre-Intermediate Course (Sogang 2A~B) at KLCEC or pass the test to join Pre-Intermediate Course at Sogang University. (Textbook: Sogang 3A~3B) CD Freedownload click 

Duration: 8 Lessons Per Term -Total 16 hours +. 


4A/B textbook with a variety of materials from the Media. This course is specially designed to bring up learners' speaking ability with up-to-date practical Korean idioms, cultural lessons, and food to appreciate from time to time. This tailor-made course offers a unique learning experience and expands learners' knowledge and also to use the day-to-day Korean language confidently.

For whom: Sogang university 3B level or TOPIK level 2.5 only. An assessment test can be arranged.

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Sogang University CD Free Download 4A/B 

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