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K-Talk 2U


KLCEC PTY LTD has been in Perth for over 12 years and it became an icon in the South Perth community. The students are not only here for learning the Korean language but we also enjoy it more than learning the language as we understand the culture and history behind it. We are inviting NON-KLCEC students (outside-public) who would like to enjoy our events with KLCEC students.


Under the new operation of K TALK2U at KLCEC PTY LTD. We often enjoy talking about Korean culture, and history with K-movies or K-dramas to gain a deeper level of understanding, K-talk 2 U might be a great bridge for those who want to solve the questions of "why?" when they speak or watch K-medias. When we talk about K-beauty, Any inquiries, and enrolment about this event, by text message or email only. (Put your name down on a wait list)

2023 Events Schedule

1. K-Game day (Yut No RI) 

Whom: KLCEC students and 10 participants from the public (outside)

Date and time: 4 p.m. on 25 March (Sat.) - Done! everyone enjoyed!

Fee for a limited no. of outside people: $10

2. K-Kimchi making & Game day


Whom: KLCEC students 

Date and time: 1,8,15,22 July 2023 

For current and ex-KLCEC students


2.1: K-Movie day: TBA (for KLCEC students)

2.2: K-Story day by zoom: TBA (Topic: Meeting with King Jeong Jo) 

3. K-Food Day: Thanksgiving Day (Chu-suk) 

Whom: KLCEC students and 10 participants from the public (outside)

Date and time: 4 p.m. on 16 Sep. (Sat.) 

Games - 윷놀이 & 투호

4. K-Song Day (K-Song 4U)

Whom: KLCEC and meetup group members.

Date: 28 Oct., 4, 11, 18, 25 Nov., 2, 9 Dec. 23. (2024 dates: TBA)

Time: 4~5p.m. at South Perth.

It is the 1st choir in Australia and we are aiming to understand songs, brush up your pronunciation and singalong in Korean with 2~3 parts.  

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