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KLCEC PTY LTD has been in Perth for over 11 years and it became an icon in the South Perth community. The students are not only here for learning the Korean language but we also enjoy it more than learning the language as we understand the culture and history behind it.  We often enjoy talking about the Korean culture, and history with K-movies or K-dramas to gain a deeper level of understanding, K-talk 2 U might be a great bridge for those who want to solve the questions of "why?" when they speak or watch K-medias. When we talk about K-beauty, all ladies are happy to say more than one things that they know too.

This workshop might be great for both people who wish to speak the language with more confidence or some people who do not want to learn Korean but want to understand Korea better. I have to start the workshop with my students first to test the materials in late 2022. If this workshop is successful, K-talk to U workshop (1.5 hours with 30 min. tea break at the center) will be in the public notice from 2023 so visit the KLCEC website to check! Any questions about this workshop, strictly by email


1. Korean History Part 1  

2. Korean History Part 2

3. "Mr. Sunshine" Korean Drama (Netflix) - History behind this drama 

Dates are given to only KLCEC students in 2023.

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Sogang Kim Sung Hee Scholarship: is for the KLCEC students with high scores.


I am offering a KLCEC and Sogang KSH (Kim Sung Hee) scholarship for 3 months to a student who has finished Module 4 or beyond with KLCEC. The scholarship is given upon approval by KLCEC and Sogang University. 



No matter how hard we try to learn and speak the language in Perth, there is always a lack of interaction with native Koreans. Sogang University is one of the top 10 universities in Seoul, Korea, and the Korean language program has the longest, most successful history after Yonsei University in Korea. KLCEC offers scholarships to help students pursue an interest in learning 
higher-level Korean and In a community environment that fosters further learning

Other scholarships from Australia & Korean governments:

The Academy of Korean Studies

Australia - Korean Foundation 

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