Korean Travelers (KT) course


Going to Korea soon? Have Korean friends? You are not ready to join the regular course at KLCEC? Is your family member marrying a Korean? Do you want to know about Korean culture? Do you want to go shopping in Korea? Then, you are welcome to join the FUN “KT” course. Be ready before you fly out!



-Talking to stranger

- Shopping

- Introducing yourself

- Transportation in Seoul

- Eating (Top Places visit in Seoul & Food)

- Fun places 

- Practical ways to read the Korean Alphabet (Hanguel)

​- Understanding the history and culture​

Fee: $100

Opening Dates: 

TBA 2021

Time: 5:30~7p.m.

Material: Simple Survival Korean 


Duration: 5 weeks (1.5 hours/ total of 7.5+)

Photo: from KLCEC students in Kyongbok Palace, Seoul Korea.

2018-02-09 22.37.59.jpg

Visit Korea & Study Korea

KLCEC can provide Immersion Korean Course in Seoul Korea for a group of 4.