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Korean class at your lunch hour


Going to Korea for a business trip soon? Your company is investing or working with Korea?  You do not have time after working hours?  Your company is supporting you or a group to equip you with Korean language skills?  Are you moving to Korea for work? Do you want to know about Korean culture before you meet Korean colleagues or important clients? Then, you contact me for an In-house tailor-made course for you or your group. I will listen and come up with a tailor-made course for you or your group. The lesson can be conducted during lunch hour weekly in your meeting room. Be ready before you fly out!  A 2-hour long workshop (Korean Culture Awareness Workshop). has been popular with a number of companies in Perth.


Clients: Australian Strategic Materials Ltd (ASM), Samsung Perth, Clough Group, Government of W.A. in Perth.

CEO, directors, managers in companies and ambassador's training in MFA,  staffs at Sentosa, staffs at a hotel's training in Singapore.


Visit Korea & Study Korea

KLCEC can provide Immersion Korean Course in Seoul Korea for a group of 4. 

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