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K-Z (Zoom) class by Topic & Level (Optional)


K Z (KLCEC's Zoom) class is for KLCEC current registered students only. The invitation will be given to KLCEC students by email a week ahead. Being a KLCEC student is not for class attendance. Joining cultural events, joining group(s) to meet new people, and enjoying On-line zoom class(es) are great benefits!  
KLCEC has been offering Zoom classes with different topics with indicated levels since COVID. This is getting a popular demand from KLCEC students. At least one online class always includes a course.
This new form of K-Zoom class will be offered with available dates so learners confirm their understanding of the grammar to speak confidently and everyone will get benefits from the K- Zoom class as proven by the feedback. The new K-Zoom class offers topic by topic with indicating levels so KLCEC students can plan to join.

Term 2  Zoom Schedule: time will be given by email to KLCEC students.
M1: 23 Jun (Sun)
M2: 2 Jul (Tue)
M3: 4 Jul (Thurs)
M4: 3 Jul (Wed)
Particles Focus (이/가, 은/는, 을/를 ...): above M2 level (4 P.M. on Sunday in Jul)
At Hospital - Above M2 level (4 P.M. on Sunday in Jul)
What is happiness?: Above level M3 (4 P.M. on Sunday in Jul)

Watching Video Lecture
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