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Korean Traditional Ceremony Table Setup

K-Cultural Events

KLCEC PTY LTD has been in Perth for over 14 years and it has become an icon in the South Perth community. The students are not only here to learn the Korean language but we also enjoy it more than learning the language as we understand the culture and history behind it. The events are usually for KLCEC students only.


1. K-Game day (Hatoo-Minato) 

Whom: KLCEC students and 5 participants from the public (outside)

Date and time: 4 p.m. on 24 Feb (Sat.) 

Fee will be notified (fee includes the Hwatoo)

2. K-Kimchi making 

Whom: KLCEC students 

Date and time: 2 March 2024 

For current and ex-KLCEC students


2.1: Human Yutnori

Date: 4p.m. 22 Jun. 2024 (for KLCEC students)

2.2: Kimchi Making class (for KLCEC students)

Date: 4p.m. 6 Jul. 24

3. K- Day: Thanksgiving Day (Chu-suk) 

Whom: KLCEC students 

Date and time: 4~6 p.m. on 21 Sep. (Sat.) at South Perth Learning Center

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