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KLCEC PTY LTD since 2010

We offer a variety of courses, for all levels. Please choose one below for more info:




At this level, the teacher will concentrate on teaching practical Korean conversation. Students will be guided to speak fluent and accurate Korean in different everyday situations. Student will “Speak” most of time through writing, listening & reading.

High school students (K4Teens) are welcome.

Module 1,2,3,4 (Sogang 1A&B)



 This course is for students who would like to:
   - aim for an intermediate level of Korean language
   - learn to use idioms in the correct cultural situation
   - understand Korean culture
   - speak practically through media

Sogang 2A/B, 3A/B, 4A/B



This almost one-year course aims to further develop students’ all around communicative ability in speaking, reading, listening and writing to the high intermediate to advance level accurately and it will lead the activities for the students to develop the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentation skills in academic. TOPIK level 3 is needed to join.

Sogang 5 & 6 + 


Biz Korean with 5&6

 Tailor-made, High fluency & accuracy focused for professional work, and academic purposes.

Materials: Selected 5 & 6 contents that go with TV AD, Short cut of entertaining shows, Drama, K-pop, Cooking, Travelling, Traditional plays, stories, short current affair news & practical work-related content. 2nd & 3rd-generation Koreans join too.


Coporates & 1:1

Going to Korea for a business trip soon? Your company is investing or working with Korea?   Your company is supporting you or a group to equip you with Korean language skills?  Are you moving to Korea for work? Do you want to know about Korean culture before you meet Korean colleagues or important clients? Then,a tailor-made course for you or your group.


K Talk 2 U

The students are not only here for learning the Korean language but we also enjoy it more than learning the language as we understand the culture and history behind it.  We often enjoy talking about Korean culture, and history with K-movies or K-dramas to gain a deeper level of understanding, K-talk 2 U might be a great bridge for K lovers: workshop info will be by email...

TOPIK cert 2014.jpg


Test of Proficiency in Korean.

This examination aims to set the right Korean Language learning path for overseas Koreans and foreigners who do not speak Korean as their mother tongue and promote the use of the Korean language. The result of the evaluation can also be used for local university applications as well as employment purposes. KLCEC students pass TOPIK I with high scores.

KLCEC Basic =TOPIK L1 & L2

KLCEC Intermediate = TOPIK L3 & L4

KCLEC Advance = TOPIK L5 & L6



KLCEC students who finish above Beginner with good scores, SHK scholarship will be given.

Immersion Courses with cultural lessons can be also arranged with minimum students of 4 in Seoul, Korea.

2018-09-22 17.47.59.jpg


KLCEC students involve with cultural lessons such as Korean cooking classes and learn the background of the food with KLCEC curriculums.


KLCEC PTY LTD offers a Thanksgiving day party yearly to students to enjoy the food and traditional games. (by RSVP only)

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